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Sources of Website Traffic

For typical business and commercial websites, a variety of both free and paid online traffic sources are available. Some of the more important include:

Free Traffic Sources

  • organic search results on major search engines (eg. Google)

  • listings on other websites, especially directories (eg. Open Directory)

  • mentions on other websites

While it's obviously desirable to get as much free traffic as possible, it can be hard to achieve, especially if you have a lot of competitors.

To rank in the top of the organic search results, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are utilized. With SEO, two things must be in place. Not only does your web site need to be properly optimized for critical keywords, but in addition, a sufficient number of other sites must link to yours -- and that's lot easier said than done. Even with everything set, results can take many months to be realized, if ever.

Getting free listings and mentioned on other web sites means first creating a quality web site with valuable content, and then networking with other site owners, requesting and managing links, etc. Unfortunately, these days most requests for links are ignored due the the high volume of requests received.

Free traffic is the "holy grail" for website operators. It is great to have, but, does not come without a lot of hard work, both upfront and ongoing. Many website owners find the inherent uncertainty and delays to be frustrating and even unacceptable for their business plans.

Paid Traffic Sources

  • ads delivered on search engines (pay-per-click ads)

  • ads delivered on other websites

  • listings on other websites

  • promotion on other websites

In comparison, paid traffic is much more predictable and largely within your control. Easy to measure and monitor, it can be implemented relatively quickly and with precise targeting.

Paid ads can be delivered through the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) in the form of pay-per-click ads, or, through paid placements on other websites. The largest and most successful paid online ad system is "Google AdWords".

With careful planning and proper execution, paid online ad and promotional campaigns can bring in a steady stream of qualified, motivated visitors to your website. The downside is that they cost money, so a careful eye toward spending, results and maintaining a positive ROI is needed.

Countless businesses successfully employ paid online advertising, and in fact, many could not survive without it. Online advertising is often found to be far more flexible and cost-effective than traditional advertising, and as such, should play a key role in any marketing plan.

To discuss your internet marketing needs and explore how to increase traffic to your web site, please contact us today.

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